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Our fields of activity

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The notary is an independent public officer, who has the competence to instrument authentic deeds

We can support you in the following areas:

Matrimonial law

Marriage contracts

inheritance law

Wills, inheritance pacts, inheritance sharing

Corporate law

Constitution, transformation operations, modification of the articles of association, dissolution

Real estate law

Purchase, sale, limited real rights, real estate pledges


We provide legal advice and representation mainly in the following areas:

Matrimonial law and

family law

inheritance law

Contract law

Law of the

public liability

Criminal Law

Corporate law

construction law

Bankruptcy law

Foreigners' rights

Insurance law

Consultant juridique
Réunion en plein air


In a neutral posture, the mediator helps the parties to discuss in a respectful manner, to identify and express their respective needs / interests and to build amicable agreements to resolve their differences.


The Firm offers a mediation service, mainly in the following areas:

Commercial mediation

Mediation in the field of construction

Estate mediation, planning and/or division

Family mediation

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